If your matchmaking just concerns telephone, created otherwise online interaction, a visa may not be supplied

More over, visa will not be offered so you can a son-/girlfriend for folks who given that a charge candidate and / or their servers was entered since partnered to some other individual, given that relationship anywhere between both you and the brand new machine because state can not be considered to be noted

  • Partners
  • Cohabiting couples otherwise guy/girlfriends
  • Youngsters (despite many years) as well as their associated lover
  • Parents and their accompanying partner
  • Sisters in addition to their associated mate.

More over, charge are not granted so you can a boy-/partner for folks who since a charge candidate and you will / otherwise your server gay dating are entered because the partnered to another people, once the dating anywhere between you and the latest machine for the reason that disease can not be considered to be documented

  • Nieces, nephews and grandchildren in ages of 18 trying to travelling so you can Denmark on a break unaccompanied by the a grown-up
  • Romantic colleagues out-of a great Danish citizen who in the past spent some time working abroad to have an excellent Danish organization
  • Mentor youngsters in age of 18
  • Anybody associated an older cherished one.

Spouses, cohabiting couples and you can guy/girlfriends in addition to underage college students of Danish residents who live abroad as well as qualify for visas.

So that a boy/wife so you’re able to qualify for a visa, the fresh new applicant and the personal residing in Denmark need certainly to confirm you to definitely they have got and possess an extended-term relationship. This requires: demonstrating one both host and you can candidate was unmarried or separated, they own met in person as well as have started along with her contained in this for the last 12 months.

If you are someone besides the mate, cohabiting partner, children under the period of 18 otherwise a grandfather off one residing Denmark, the job was rejected whenever we evaluate that connection into the domestic country is not of such a capabilities one it is likely that you’ll go home just after your own charge expires. In such cases, we’ll account fully for what sort of house allow you can submit an application for.

Whether your type of quarters permit you you may qualify for do not need a penalty months (such as family members reunification), a charge will likely be provided, even when i assess that there’s a risk you have a tendency to submit an application for enough time-name home whilst in Denmark.

Your application was refused, regardless of the relationships you may have on servers, when we determine that there’s a high chance which you need permanent or enough time-title household when you look at the Denmark or even in several other Schengen nation.

This will be the case for many who share motives of perhaps not making after your own charge ends or you in earlier times demonstrate a conduct that implies that you may want to keep going longer from inside the Denmark than on a temporary, or if perhaps you will find cause to believe this one of your own host’s earlier in the day website visitors broken brand new regards to a charge.

Group 4 has countries whose owners means a top standard of exposure to help you immigrate illegally so you’re able to Denmark or any other Schengen nation.

Algeria, Bangladesh, Popular Republic off Congo, Ethiopia, Gambia, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, stateless Palestinians ix , Senegal, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Tunisia, Vanuatu x , Yemen.

x People out of average passports granted because of the Republic out-of Vanuatu prior to try excused away from visa criteria when entering Denmark.

Because a residents off a nation in-group 4 you might while the a starting point getting approved a visa when you are the newest partner, cohabiting mate, lesser boy otherwise a grandfather of individuals residing Denmark. You might be reported to be good ‘cohabiting partner’ if this might be noted which you have lived along with her for at least 18 months.

The job might be denied, when we look for possible that you are going to just take long lasting otherwise enough time-label house when you look at the Denmark or even in another Schengen country.